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  • The Pont Flavien near Toulouse

    Not too far from Aix en Provence you can find a Roman bridge with two arches under which to pass as you cross. I expect that the stones from others were quarried and so this is the last surviving example. If we check the sources we might find mentions of more. I located it on […]

  • A Lebanese Mosaic

  • Scotland’s Roman Wall – Tweet

    When I started writing about the Roman civilisation in the summer of 1996 content was still new on the web. Wikipedia didn’t exist and we still relied on books and encyclopedias. We still had to visit ruins and more. Today the web has matured to such an extent that you can find tweets about the […]

  • Cramond Tower in Scotland – Corner of a Roman Fort

    Cramond tower which sits on the corner of a Roman fort. Located in Cramond village, just outside Edinburgh, the tower reuses much of the stone from the fort #Roman #archaeology #scotland pic.twitter.com/1LunLTDZEn — Roman Scotland (@RomanScotland) February 12, 2022