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Leweb was a great event

Leweb for me was about two things, meeting my seesmic friends and meeting new people. It’s through meeting friends that are familiar to me on the web that I had the best times. In particular I enjoyed meeting with Alex, nutrisionist 2.0 as is mentioned in his tagline. What was great about meeting him is… Read More »

LeWeb 08, deux photos

Loic Lemeur giving an interview to a journalist with a nice big seesmic logo behind him. There’s also the social side. Hermione of Techfluff.tv and Alicia L’americaine . There’s a video I should upload of Hermione dancing with three mariachi but I’ll do that once I get access to more bandwidth.

Networking has started already

The stage isn’t even ready at Leweb but already the networking started this evening as a few companies presented their companies and what they can do. At the same time i got to meet two London friends as well as some others. It’s seesmic that invited me so there’s a good chance you can find… Read More »