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  • Noise and Liveable Flats

    It’s only 130am therefore it’s not that late but I want to sleep and there is something that has been hindering this effort particularly strongly for the past three nights. Drunken people with no pitch or tone control when singing using their lungs and voice projection to full pelt. It’s not that I’m against partying […]

  • The Post Dissertation Was Great Fun But Now It’s Time To Get Out

    I’m really happy to be done with university after three years where I was forced to be in one country rather than another but it’s time to get out of Harrow. On Wednesday night we were all at the SU bar celebrating the end of the course from 2pm till two or three am and […]

  • My Dissertation Is Finished, Handed In.

    My dissertation had been finished and ready to print since yesterday afternoon but it’s today that i finally printed out the entire document for handing in to the university for assesment. it’s 10,800 words for some of the most highly produced work I have ever done. It feels good to have handed it in and […]

  • Too Much Academia Has Disconnected Me From World News

    Too much academic research and concentrating on dissertations has cut me off from world news to such an extent that apart from tech goings on I had no clue. I hardly followed the French elections, hardly noticed the death of Yeltsin, hardly noticed the regional elections. There are three reasons for this. England is a […]