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  • The Horror of Herculaneum

    The Horror of Herculaneum

    Years ago I walked around Herculaneum and was impressed by how well preserved it was. I could see wood, plaster and more. You could see how the rooms looked. It is much smaller than Pompei but it is still worth visiting

  • Documentaries about JavaScript Frameworks

    Documentaries about JavaScript Frameworks

    Within the last week Honeypot Originals have released a number of documentaries. Each episode covers a different JavaScript Framework. So far that have Vue.js, Ember.js, Elixir and GraphQL. Each of these documentaries is about half an hour long and interviews some of the key players. What is nice about these documentaries is that they take […]

  • Spoonley Wood Roman Villa and Mosaic

    Roman remains may be found and excavated but sometimes nature reclaims them. These ruins were discovered in 1882 but nature returned and hid them safely away again. Such tweets should inspire archeological departments, and film and TV or BA Media Studies to document the process of re-excavating these ruins, with photogrammetry and other modern tech […]

  • One And A Half Years of Pandemic fatigue

    For the first one hundred days of the pandemic it felt long but we had a hope, and the impression that respective governments were working to eradicate the pandemic so that we could resume normal life. Eventually though people against lockdowns, and against other measures began to be heard and so societies around the world […]

  • Seeing the Pandemic As A Journey

    Seeing the Pandemic As A Journey

    Last night I was reading and began seeing the pandemic as a journey. The pandemic has been a journey for everyone, but especially for those in solitude. For those of us in solitude, it has required that we completely change how we consume the media and how we interact with the world. We go for […]

  • Day 33 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – A video walk

    Day 33 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – A video walk

    Today I went on a video walk with the DJI OSMO pocket three or whichever number it has and I took a series of frames. Before going for my daily walk I searched through the Vision Du Réel virtual Film Festival list of films and I found “The Bridge“. It’s available for all to watch […]

  • Walking And Finding Old Trees

    Walking And Finding Old Trees

    Walking and finding old trees is still possible if you look around. If you’re attentive you can find trees that are hundreds of years old. They are massive compared to younger trees. Their trunk is broad and their branches are complex. If you walk around the Mediterranean you will find thousand-year-old olive trees and if […]

  • Objectified – A Design Documentary Split Into Individual Interviews.

    Objectified is a documentary about industrial design that has been divided into interviews with individuals about a diversity of designs, from the casing of the Mac Book Pro to chairs, a CD player that behaves like a fan and much more. On Linkedin, this documentary has been cut up and split into chapters so that […]

  • Filming events in 360

    Filming events in 360

    We have all seen events covered by photographers and camera operators but how many events have we seen covered with 360 degree videos? A few weeks ago I filmed the Escalade, wrestling and other events with 360 cameras and it was fun. In some cases it was the opportunity to play with a new format […]

  • Dziga Vertov and Social Media

    A century ago Dennis Arkadievitch Kaufmann, more commonly known as Dziga Vertov, the spinning top, came up with the concept of the All-Seeing Eye. The Kinoki. The Cinema Eye. His idea was that with time life unawares could be documented and daily life would be captured by cameras for everyone to see. Until recently the […]