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  • The GBD-800 Continued

    The GBD-800 Continued

    The GBD-800 Continued is a step counting Casio with two serious flaws. The first of these flaws is that although the GPS from the phone can be used to map walks and other activities it has to be activated at the start of a walk and deactivated at the end of the walk. If you […]

  • Casio GBD-800-1B – First Impressions

    Casio GBD-800-1B – First Impressions

    For 92 CHF you can buy the Casio GBD-800-1B from conrad via Galaxus and it will track you steps 24hrs a day and map your walks without you pressing a single button. This means that you can track your life, without thinking about it. The problem with watches from the last five or so years […]