Repotted Orchids

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Recently I repotted Orchids and now they seem to be doing fine. I see evidence of new buds and suspect that they have continued to grow despite my intervention. For months I considered repotting them but I was afraid that it would kill them. I waited until they were between blooms but they’re constantly blooming so that wait was long.

In the end I repotted them when I noticed that a plant was growing and flowering in the air. I found that it seemed to be completely detached from the mother plant. I filled a pot with the wood chips that are meant for orchids, wet them, and then placed the orchid plant within. I did this for several plants and now have four pots with orchids.

In one case the buds that were growing dried up and seem to have died. I spotted new growth though, so I think that they have all survived. If that is the case then orchids are not that difficult to keep. For a while I thought that the orchids were dead because they weren’t flowering or doing anything. Eventually I watered them and they started to grow again.

These orchids are now five years old, or even older than that. Rumours that these plants are fragile are either not true, or my flower keeping habits are right for this type of plant.

And Finally

I set off for one walk but ended up doing another. There is a pond/lake that has formed on a field, and I saw plenty of birds. I decided to walk by the lake/pond/puddle to see what bird life had been attracted. It’s plenty of seagulls.

A few days ago this water was frozen and I could walk across it. Now it is populated with birds, until it dries up.

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