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  • On Not Listening to Podcasts

    There are times when I listen to two or three hours of podcasts a day and I learn from them. I usually listen when I am cooking and when I am walking. For several weeks now I have hardly listened to any podcasts. This is for three reasons. The first of these is that I […]

  • Playing With Harmonicas

    During a walk a few weeks ago I came across L’Harmonica pour les nuls, Harmonica for Dummies, so I picked up the book and within a day or two I had ordered a harmonica to learn the instrument. The harmonica is a small versatile instrument. that can be used to play a range of music. […]

  • Rollerblading in 2022

    A few days ago I saw someone rollerblading along one of the local paths so it got me to think about this sport that we have forgotten about other the years. 20 years ago we used to rollerskate and rollerblade before discovering easier to do sports that didn’t require carrying a large bag and spare […]

  • Perm 36 YouTube Video Visit

    Last night I watched a video about a visit to Perm36 but it covered just the trip. The video below is far more complete and informative. I am currently reading Gulag by Anne Applebaum, rather than The Gulag Archipelago, like she mentions. I started reading it decades ago but never finished it. I read A […]

  • A Storm Warning

    A Storm Warning

    Today I see that there is a nice storm warning. Storm warnings, during a heatwave are nice because it means that despite the heats we will have a short fun reprieve. I hope for thunder and lightning. There is every chance that the anticipated storm will not happen. We can sit and hope. This type […]

  • Playing With VIM

    For a while I liked playing with VS Code but I grew tired of it because it autocompletes everything, to the extent that you end up deleting rather than writing code. For a while I was playing with Atom but Github have decided to retire that application so I decided to look for an alternative […]

  • Garmin Etrex32x and Software Updates

    Garmin Etrex32x and Software Updates

    Updating software is something that we do every single day, often without knowing that it is being updated. WatchOS updated two or three days ago. iOS updated yesterday recently as well. The most notable was Xcode, because it requires several gigabytes of space or it fails to even try, if it detects that there is […]

  • Cycling From Nyon To the Signal De Bougy and Back

    Cycling From Nyon To the Signal De Bougy and Back

    Yesterday I looked at the wind, and when I saw that it was coming from the east I decided to cycle into it, for the outward journey, and back, with it, on the journey back. Originally my plan was to cycle to Rolle and to turn around but the plan changed. I was cycling and […]

  • A Return to Cycling

    A Return to Cycling

    For three years I did not cycle. For one year it was because I broke my arm while cycling, The second year it was because we were in the first wave of this never-ending pandemic so I preferred not to stray too far from home. The third year it was because the pandemic was still […]

  • A Field Filled With a Multitude of Flowers

    A Field Filled With a Multitude of Flowers

    The pandemic continues. People continue suggesting to do things in the physical world but I find little to no desire to be in close proximity to others, The only moment I am, is when I am cycling. Today I didn’t bother wearing a mask to recycle, not because I didn’t have it with me but […]