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  • Laravel and Context

    Laravel and Context

    There is value in studying Laravel and context. By this I mean that over a year ago I wanted to study Angular but after feeling lost in Javascript I decided to take a step back, to study JavaScript. I studied two or more courses over a period of months. I could have followed a single […]

  • Running Again

    Running Again

    At the start of this year I started running again. This wasn’t a new year’s resolution. I just decided that I wanted to start running, so I did. For five years I have been walking around in circles. Some take me above the A1 motorway and others take me below it. The walks are all […]

  • Reading The Cult of the Amateur By Andrew Keen in 2023

    Reading The Cult of the Amateur By Andrew Keen in 2023

    During yesterday’s walk I found that I could read The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen as an audiobook so I listened to a few minutes. It took me back in time to 2006 when people worried about the detrimental effect that bloggers that were not accountable would have on information, disinformation, reliability and […]

  • Twitter’s Not For Me

    Twitter’s Not For Me

    Twitter has a new For You page inspired by TikTok’s For you page according to Quartz. Many years ago we had Seesmic, a video chat community where people could share video messages 24 hours a day. We even experimented with recording videos and sharing them by phone when this was still novel. Tik Tok has […]

  • chatGPT, GPT3 and Reading Time

    chatGPT, GPT3 and Reading Time

    Time for a new discussion to take place. Reading time. Do you read through articles or do you skim them. Is reading the headline enough or do you read every word of the article? I ask because in the age of chatGPT and GPT3 I would ask the same question as I asked about social […]

  • A Short Twitter Detox

    A Short Twitter Detox

    I took a short twitter detox for two days. For two days I didn’t look at tweets, replies and more. For two days if I wanted to rant I couldn’t. For two days I couldn’t see replies. For two days I couldn’t read people complain. It is good to take a break from twitter sometimes. […]

  • A Snowy Day

    A Snowy Day

    Yesterday we had a snowy day. I saw that the snow was beginning to pile up so I went and cleared the snow for fun. I could have left it as it was but I saw an opportunity to have some weight training, for free. I regret that I didn’t set a fitness tracker to […]

  • Taking a Twitter Break

    Taking a Twitter Break

    For the first time since I took a Twitter break in 2007 I am taking another in 2023. The first time I took a twitter break I deleted my account but got asked to talk about Twitter for the RTS (TSR) back then so I went to my secondary account and started using twitter again. […]

  • Reading Streaks

    Reading Streaks

    I read using the Kindle App, with a specific account for over one hundred days before making the mistake of logging in with a different account, and moving the primary account to an older phone. I lost my streak and now I feel free. Reading streaks are fantastic when the numbers are going up, and […]

  • Apple Health Step Data Sources

    Apple Health Step Data Sources

    Yesterday I spent some time looking through Apple Health Data Sources. I see that there are plenty of data sources. These are the Apple watch, the iphone, Alltrails, move, connect, stepsapp, pacer, Suunto, Ingress and three more that are marked as inactive. Move is the app that gets data from some Casio watches. Connect is […]