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  • Cycling and Running

    Cycling and Running

    I like cycling, hiking and climbing rather than running but I read an article that makes me think that cycling and running are incompatible. In one sport the leg becomes a spring and as you run it becomes fine tuned to reflect the energy back into forward motion whereas in cycling torque is key. Why […]

  • The Setting Sun Walk

    The Setting Sun Walk

    I went for a walk and by the time it ended the sun had set. I walked with a flashlight in case but didn’t need it. Usually I would have gone for a walk earlier in the day.

  • Dry Weather, Clean Shoes

    Dry Weather, Clean Shoes

    We’re having dry weather which means that I have clean shoes, once again. They cut the grass recently but rather than see greenery we see yellow. We’re in March and it already looks as if we’re un June/July, with how dry the landscape is. The sides of the road, where it was once muddy, is […]

  • Of Casio, Suunto, Garmin and Apple

    Of Casio, Suunto, Garmin and Apple

    These four brands create watches. Casio creates rugged watches with batteries that last for a decade or more, and pair with mobile phones to track walks and more. Suunto and Garmin have fitness/sports trackers that measure activities, whether sailing, climbing, running, walking, cycling, scuba diving or more. Apple in contrast creates fragile, mediocre watches that […]

  • Running In High Winds

    Running In High Winds

    Yesterday I tried running and walking in high winds. I have cycled and walked in high winds but I had not yet had the sensation of running in high wind and it is quite interesting. In cycling you feel that the wind pushes your bike to the side, and you counteract the wind. With running […]

  • An Excited Lake On A Windy Day

    An Excited Lake On A Windy Day

  • GPS Accuracy Contrast Between the 45s and Instinct

    GPS Accuracy Contrast Between the 45s and Instinct

    Yesterday afternoon I was looking at the GPS track for a run I did with the 45s and I was struck by how wide of the mark it was, compared to the same run with the Garmin Instinct. With the Garmin instinct the GPS track fits like a rail to the satellite and road map. […]

  • One Hundred And One Blog Posts in One Hundred and One Days

    One Hundred And One Blog Posts in One Hundred and One Days

    I have written at least one hundred and one blog posts in one hundred and one days. During this time most blogs have gone by unread. Blogging could be seen as futile but it isn’t. Having the discipline to write every single day, despite having no inspiration is good. It forces us to stop, think, […]

  • Apple Reading Goals

    Apple Reading Goals

    I am confused by Apple reading goals because they measure how many days you have reached your goal, as well as how much you read for the current day, but once today is yesterday it loses all of that information. It tells you that you have a. streak but you have no way of knowing […]

  • Bird Watching

    Bird Watching

    Sometimes when you go for a walk you spend time watching birds. In the video below you see a flock of gulls flocking around a tractor as it prepares the field for a crop. You see hundred of gulls wait for the tractor to open up the ground and then they rush in to find […]