My new Toy, the HDR-SR12E

After talking to a friend about possible collaborations in the near future I decided not to invest too much money on a new camera so I bought the Sony HDR-SR12. It’s a small easy to carry video camera that records in AVCHD at a resolution of 1920 by 1080i.

The hard drive is 120 gigs for a total recording time of over 30hrs depending on what you want to shoot. I chose the highest quality setting and I still get 1780 minutes of recording time, more than enough for a day’s shooting. It’s a small camera, much easier to travel with and there are no moving parts and no need for tapes. I love that, it means I can start editing as soon as I get home. I’m tapeless at last, I’ve been waiting years for this moment.

It’s charging so I can’t play with it quite yet but I’ll keep you informed as to developments on this topic.

As a side note video capture is easy, just use log and transfer rather than log and capture in Finalcut Pro. It’s shift option 8.

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