Mapping wifi availability easily

Mapping wifi availability easily

Wifi is something that should be ubiquitous so that our digital lifestyle may not be limited to being online at home or at work. It should include, bars, restaurants and city squares. In some cities wifi is easy to find but in others that’s not the case.
The lazy way to do wifi mapping could be with the geo loc software on the n95, a flickr account and free wifi. Everytime you find free wifi, get the GPS co-ordinates, include them in the exif and upload them to twitter. Once that’s done get the rss feed of the geo tagged images and feed them to google earth.

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  1. Todd Jordan – Currently gainfully employed by a rather large medical supplies manufacturer as a Systems Analyst, I wrote programs, diagnose problems, and generally make the users feel better about our ERP and other logistics computer systems. Though I spend quite a bit of time computer bound, I still enjoy spending time experimenting, blogging, networking and relaxing with my personal computer, an iMac. Aside from computer time, I'm an avid movie goer, and reader. My interests include photography, writing, blogging, technology in general, computing specifically, and networking. Get to know me better through not only my blog, but via Twitter (@tojosan), email or chat with me as tojosan on Google, or check out my Flickr stream, again tojosan. Catch you on the net or off or both. Yours, Todd
    Todd Jordan says:

    Friend in Austin finds wi-fi on her daily bus ride to/from work. Has to turn off the Airport wireless to avoid the networks popping up.

  2. I recently had a similar idea, I also have a new N95 8GB and I noticed there’s a lot of free Wi-Fi around Prague where I live. My first post to Ovi was about free Wi-Fi access I found:
    What do you think is the quickest way to share these findings, I didn’t qunderstand what you meant by “including in the exif”.

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