Logging Hours Rather Than Days In A Row

Logging Hours Rather Than Days In A Row

Duolingo and Babbel log days in a row, rather than the progress made in a day. The Kindle App counts days and weeks in a row. Kobo and Apple Books both log reading time. I want to dump Duolingo but I don’t want to lose my days in a row streak.

Language Learning Streaks

Plenty of apps like to log streaks. For them it is a way of addicting us to their app, to force us to use their app every day, whether we feel like it or not. It is a way for them to hold on to us as users, way after we have lost a passion for the app. I hate Duolingo but I keep using it only to keep my streak. I don’t use it to learn German now. Babbel is better. It allows you to move on, and choose whether to repeat a mistake. It also provides you with an in-depth explanation of what the grammatical rules are. Understanding the logic makes learning much easier.

Book Reading Streaks

I have read every single day for a year, so to count days in a row is silly. When apps count how many days in a row I do things I want to beat my current record for days in a row. With books this is silly, because books are across Kobo, Kindle, Apple Books, physical books in the real world and more. This means that I would need an app to count how many days in a row, I read, rather than a bookseller’s app.

I like Goodreads’ ability to tell you how many pages you have read in a year. I find that this is a great way of judging whether you have been an avid reader, or not. I tend to read a lot, but not to finish books. I can start a book and finish it a few years later.

Consistent Good Habits

Developing consistent daily good habits, like blogging, or like reading, or daily walks are all good. To get into habits that you can do every day, automatically is useful. These habits give structure to our day, but they also keep us moving forward. I find that with certain apps, their desire for streaks, has a negative impact on habits. I hate Duolingo for forcing me (so to speak) to use their app to learn every day. Without the streaks I’d be happier.

Pedometer++, a walk tracking app counts how many days in a row, you can maintain a streak, but it allows you to miss a day or two, if you’re cycling or taking a rest day from walking. This is healthy. Another fun app is Pacer. It allows you to take on walking challenges. The challenge I am currently on is to walk the Camino De Santiago in 180 days. I am 259 kilometres in, out of 819, and ahead of the time limit they set. I am currently walking from Marismas de Santoña to Santander.

Blogging As a Daily Habit

What I have written over the last 103 days may not have much value, but it provides me with writing practice. Writing daily, means repetition. Repetition makes it boring to read. I will try to improve my writing habit.

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