JavaScript Patterns, A Skipped Walk And A New Purchase.

JavaScript Patterns, A Skipped Walk And A New Purchase.

Today I found a course about JavaScript patterns on Linkedin. I have been following course after course about Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Angular, React, EcmaScript, CSS and more, but most of them tell you how to do things. I watched plenty of their explanations and I managed to copy the code and get it to work but when they said “challenge time” I was usually lost.

I listened to the JavaScript Jabber podcast and in several episodes they described design patterns. In all of my learning I have learned how to read and copy code. By learning about programme patterns I will learn to structure code correctly. With these notes I will have a blueprint from which to work.

The Skipped Walk

The drawback to recycling being open at certain times of days, on certain days, is that you don’t get an opportunity to go when you want to go. You have to go when the system wants. For this reason I have not been on my daily walk today. I feel tired and lazy anyway. I skip my daily walk once every few months, so missing one day is not the end of the world.

SteriPEN Adventurer Opti

Years ago I walked up a mountain. We reached over 3000m. For that hike, as it was expeted to be a long hike I took three litres oI found walking with three litres of water so tiring because I am not used to being at that altitude. By the end of the walk I decided to find a way to filter water while hiking.

For weeks and months I studied options and I finally settled on one option, then a second, and then a third, etc. I then enjoyed using the Katadyn BeFree the most. On day hikes anything more is overkill.

The drawback: in Switzerland most water sources are below animals and humans. This means that water sources can contain viruses. For this reason it is a risk to drink the water. The solution is to get rid of those viruses. Water filtration systems do not do this. They remove bacteria, protozoa etc. You could boil the water but that takes time and that adds weight. You can use water filtration tablettes but that takes time to act, and adds taste to the water.

The lightweight solution is a device like the SteriPen Adventure Opti. They are light to carry, can filter about 50 litres of water in between battery changes, and last for 8000 litres, in theory. In practice you might lose, break or otherwise find its life shortened.

I found the steripen for 30CHF and they usually cost 90-110CHF. 100 tablettes cost 23 CHF to filter water.

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