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Mountain Ranges

Fold mountains are caused by the pressure of two plates compressing upwards and downwards to create mountain ranges such as the Himalayas. There are also layers of folded sediments like the Jura or rock such at the Alps. The part which goes down is called a geosyncline while sediments as they are lighter go upwards to form the mountains.

continentcountryname of range
EuropeAlpsFrance, Italy, Switzerland
EuropePyrénéesSpain, France
EuropeCarpathiansRomania, Poland
EuropeDinaric AlpsCroatia
AsiaHimalayasNepal, China, India
AsiaHindu KushAfghanistan
New Zealandsouthern AlpsSouth Alps
AfricaAtlas mountainsMorocco, Algeria, Tunisia
South AmericaEastern and western cordillera
North Americacascades
North Americacoast ranges
North AmericaRockies
North AmericaAlaskan Range

I will add images from mountain ranges as I find the time and acquire new ones. Feel free to leave a comment and we can add some of yours.

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