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  • A Walk In Spain

    A Walk In Spain

    We cannot always walk around in circles during a pandemic around where we live. I spent over a year walking around in circles near home in Switzerland but this Christmas I travelled. I didn’t travel because I wanted to. I travelled because sometimes we need to see family. I also travelled to escape all of […]

  • Playing With Google Maps And Apple Maps

    Playing With Google Maps And Apple Maps

    A few days ago I was driving from Switzerland to Spain via France when Google Maps told me to get off the motorway and drive on normal roads. When it made this mistake I switched to Apple maps, and was not led astray again. Google Maps leading me astray was a surprise. Google Maps and […]

  • Reading About Hiking While Charging A Watch

    Today I sat in the sun to charge my watch. I kept my left wrist facing the sun. My right wrist was employed in keeping a kindle in place, reading. My goal was to get the watch to go up by one day of charge and it worked. I wouldn’t sit in the sun to […]

  • A Solar Powered Watch in Spain

    A Solar Powered Watch in Spain

    If you were a solar powered watch would you prefer sunny Switzerland or sunny Spain? Luckily my watch has now tried both. The watch likes that you walk with your watch wrist facing the sun and the wrist without a watch to be on the shady side. I know this is not an ordinary thing […]

  • Twelve hour drive.

    Twelve hour drive.

    I drove twelve hours today. For the first part I had snow falling and salt machines, and for the second part I had strong winds. I am now tired. This reads more like a tweet than a blog post.

  • From A Spanish to A Swiss Autumn

    From A Spanish to A Swiss Autumn

    When I left for Spain Switzerland was just starting to turn Autumnal. Today, when I looked around I could see that Autumn has arrived properly in Switzerland. In Spain the sun is still warm enough for t-shirt wearing and swimming. The sun is still strong enough to change our chrominance. Yesterday I drove for around […]

  • Walking Without Masks During a Pandemic

    Walking Without Masks During a Pandemic

    For many people walking without masks during a pandemic is normal. This is confusing. We have known for months, or even seasons that the virus is airborne and that masks are a simple way to keep safe. Despite this people walk by the seaside without masks. It’s not just that they walk without wearing masks, […]

  • Dismantling A Crane

    Dismantling A Crane

    Have you seen someone walking along the gantry of a crane to detach the counterweight for a crane? I did. Today. He was clipped in, as you would assume but I am unclear as to whether he went clack clack like we do on via ferrata. Would you want to do this. I don’t think […]

  • A Walk By The Mediterranean

    A Walk By The Mediterranean

    We can’t all head to the mountains and the slopes that lack snow. Some of us head south to the coast. The weather is good and the air is warm enough. It is warm enough for me, not just to consider swimming but to actually do it. The sea is blue and green as usual […]

  • The Arches

    The Arches

    If you are looking for a sport easy walk with a little scrambling, walk to the rock arches. Two holes have been eroded into the rock providing two natural arches. You can walk up to both arches but it’s better to go on a quiet day. This place is not a good place for big […]