Books I Am Reading.

I usually read several books at a time. This is because I start books but find that my interest is drawn to another topic. As these are usually factual books I can afford to take a break from one book and return to it later.

The Aeronaut: Travels in the Air

I started reading this book last night. A meteorologist from, the mid 1850s wanted to study the weather more accurately and in order to do so he wanted to measure the weather from a variety of altitudes. De Saussure’s climbing up the Mont Blanc to measure climate data is interesting.

My interest in this book was peaked when I saw that Amazon Prime wanted me to watch the film. I saw in the title sequence that it was based on a book so I looked it up and now I’m reading what promises to be an interesting book.

Divided: A Walk on the Continental Divide Trail

I am now over halfway through this book. I have been reading this book as the last thing I do every night for a few days. I like reading these books, about journeys, about taking a break from the world, about filling the gap between one winter contract and another. I also like the idea of going for a multiday hike. One multi-day hike I’d like to embark on is the Via Alpina, a 6000-kilometre journey from Slovenia to Monte Carlo across the alps.

To The Limit, An Air Cav Huey Pilot in Vietnam.

Whereas I usually read books on the Vietnam war I am now listening to this book as an audiobook. The experience of listening, rather than, reading a book on this topic is noticeable.

Usually, as I read I visualise the experiences being told, and I’m drawn into that reality, for the time I’m reading. I find that with an audible book I am more distant. Whereas I’d be in a dark room, with just the e-book reader as a light source I’m up and doing things like cooking, or walking when I listen to an audiobook, so it’s easy to half-listen. I don’t know whether I notice because I’m so used to the genre, or because I’m used to reading, rather than listening.

Digital Apollo: Human And Machine in Space Flight

Although I recently finished reading this book I’ll mention it. When we watch the Right Stuff, or when we read about the space program we hear about the pilots, we read about The Trench, and we read about reaching and punching through the sound barrier. What we don’t hear about is the evolution of technology, to assist pilots with flying their aircraft.

It discusses the process by which pilots and engineers ran simulations on the ground, to develop the software, that would help pilots fly their planes. In effect it covers the development of flying instruments and Instrument Flight rules, before helping humans break the sound barrier, and eventually pilot capsules, that would be renamed spacecraft, as they are flown. I found the book really interesting and recommend it.

A break from Marketing

Social media, radio, television and other facets of life are filled with constant adverts. Twitter is no longer about conversations between people working on projects, Facebook is no longer about conversations between friends and radio and television want you to spend minutes an hour watching or listening to ads.

By grabbing a book and reading you cut out all the noise. You’re focused on the book for minutes or even hours, and you might even miss sleep because you’re so engrossed, and when you put down your book your mind has relaxed. I’ll leave you with this article titled How Reading Books Helps Your Brain Recharge. I’ll see whether this becomes a regular blog post.

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