A Storm Warning

Today I see that there is a nice storm warning. Storm warnings, during a heatwave are nice because it means that despite the heats we will have a short fun reprieve. I hope for thunder and lightning. There is every chance that the anticipated storm will not happen. We can sit and hope. This type of storm brings with it a risk of hail.

The number of cases by district.

For a better idea of the pandemic situation in Vaud we can look at this data. It is updated regularly. I am tired of people’s attitude to this pandemic. I am tired of people not being worried by it. Furthermore, I am tired of politicians not being fearful of what would happen to their job if they were responsible for thousands of disabled or dead people. I am tired of the pandemic not being taken as seriously as it should.

I would love for Europe and the US to take the same attitude as Asian countries, of being humble enough to wear masks, forward-thinking enough to avoid crowds, and conscientious enough to avoid spreading the virus.

I finished the async section of the course I am following and have now moved onto modules. I am getting closer and closer to the end of this course and that feels good. As much as I enjoyed this course at the beginning, I am now looking forward to having another teacher to listen to.

I might cycle in the next half hour or so. The wind is calm, for now.






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