Month: July 2021

  • The Unthreatening Clouds

    The Unthreatening Clouds

    The unthreatening clouds did not bother me during my bike ride but it was cooler than sometimes at this time of year. I occasionally felt that an extra layer or two would be welcome. That’s unusual in July at this time of year. I chose routes that kept me as far from cars as possible. […]

  • Beware The Storms

    Beware The Storms

    They announced rain and storms but we hardly ever get either in this part of Switzerland. I wasn’t going to use this blog for short posts but I can’t focus.

  • The Bike Ride

    During a pandemic one of the safest places to be is on a bike on quiet rural roads. The only people you meet are sporty so there is a higher likelihood that they are sporty. Today I had to be respectful when passing two horses. They can often be afraid when they see cyclists, as […]

  • A Storm Alert Despite Nice Weather

    A Storm Alert Despite Nice Weather

    Good Walking weather despite the storm warning. The weather is stable. We should have sun tomorrow.

  • Relaxing Cows

    Relaxing Cows

    Ordinarily you see pictures of cows standing up looking towards the camera but occassionaly people like me walk by cows when they are on their chewing the cud break. They lie around and slouch. It’s amusing to see three cows in close proximity like this. They have their eyes closed, their legs out. Are you […]

  • Sunflowers And Bees

    Sunflowers And Bees

    Sometimes you go for a walk and you see sunflowers and bees. The bees love the sunflowers and sometimes the volume of bees is so great that you can hear a swarm, or even many swarms of them. Each one picks up a little nectar before moving on to the next. I don’t know whether […]

  • Looking At Sunflowers

    Looking At Sunflowers

    Most people go and take pictures from the front rather than from the back of sunflowers. I like to be different because it’s more interesting. Taking pictures from the front is easy now. All phone makers have made it easy. It’s good to do things differently and to stay creative. I took this during the […]

  • Announced Rain and Storms

    Announced Rain and Storms

    They often announce rain and storms and we often get very little of either. The weather here is dry. The little rain that did fall was sandy. Farmers have harvested their crops but so far the rain is not worrying.

  • Grains – Harvesting Before the Rain

    Grains – Harvesting Before the Rain

    According to my watch, and farmers, a storm is coming. That’s why they are busy trying to harvest all the grain before it hits. At this time of year you can watch the combine harvesters harvesting all the fields and collecting grain. You can then see tractors following up and gathering what they leave on […]

  • Walking Down The Jura

    Walking Down The Jura

    Today I woke up and instead of cycling up to see this view and have a meal I decided to do the opposite. I would walk down. Two or three summers ago I walked up and they took four or five hours. Walking down is much easier. One or two bits are steep and my […]