Month: May 2010

  • WeatherproHD

    Weather is something I don’t really care to take note of because it doesn’t change much about my appearance. It does change what I drive though. In summer when the weather is nice and warm then I’d much rather drive the scooter than the car. That’s because if I see a mother distracted by children […]

  • I have the ipad and these are my first thoughts

    The iPad is a glorious device and I am in love already. What makes this device particularly attractive is that it has a large keyboard and a large screen. This is important for two reasons. The first of these is typing speed. I am very closes to touch typing speed already. The second thing I […]

  • Geolorean

    This is a simple Iphone, Android and other platform solution which allows you to add your foursquare, gowalla, brightkyte and other accounts to checkin. The idea is simple. You have one interface where you see everything your friends are up to. You have a second interface where you can check in to locations several at […]

  • Geo tag test

    This is to test the android apo

  • Test mobile image upload

    To see how well it works

  • An Ipad awaits

    After the 28th of May I will have an Ipad. I have decided to get an Ipad for a number of reasons. The first of these reasons is activity within the social part of the world wide web. I use it as a conversational and informational tool. I share my location when I’m out, I […]

  • Glocals and twitter

    Glocals is a local website to find out what events are going on where for the international community in Geneva. It regroups events in a number of cities making easier to meet like minded people. The reason for which I mention this social network is the low input high yield results from the site. In […]

  • Seesmic video and HTML 5

    Remember the video version of seesmic, the one that spawned.the francofous? Things changed for two reasons. Bandwidth issues and ressources. Flash would suck down the laptop battery within a few minutes. It meant that you could.only Seesmic from a fixed position. With html5 that problem will dissapear. What I look forward to is an HTML […]

  • Losing interest.

    There are many Geo location websites in the web. They have something in common. Using them openly in front of others will not result in positive opinions. As a result of this you want them to work flawlessly. Spending three minutes logging in is too long. That’s why foursquare has been deleted grim my phone. […]