200 1990 to 2000 hits on my i-pod

By | 03/01/2007

I’ve spent the whole day working on a report which is due on Monday but since I have to send it by post I decided to complete it a few days earlier in order to send it off. I’m in the process of printing it off now and then I can have fun with other subjects.

There’s fresh powder snow on the slopes so snowboarding could be quite a bit of fun, especially with all those unmarked runs which may have enough snow for the fun to continue.

I downloaded a lot of the hits which were popular whilst I was riding on the bus to school when I was younger. there are quite a lot of memories in these songs. they’re the songs from my generation, and I am old enough to say that. Those 25yrs old are part of a different generation than those pre 25 years old. Over the next year, many of the people I know will join my generation 😉

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