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  • Dormant Social Media Life While Sorting Through Drives

    Dormant Social Media Life While Sorting Through Drives

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Recently my Social Media Life has become dormant. I do visit Facebook every so often but I ignore Instagram, barely touch Mastodon or the fediverse, and in general have stopped looking at social media for a social life. It’s not that my life offline has become vibrant. It’s that online is…

  • On Silent Walking and Having My Own Mastodon Instance

    On Silent Walking and Having My Own Mastodon Instance

    Reading Time: 3 minutes In an ideal world Silent Walking would make sense. In an ideal world the environment where you walk would be quiet and free from distractions. How many of us live somewhere that is far from cars, road works, construction, farming and other noises? During my walks I hear the sound of…

  • The Apathetic Mastodon

    The Apathetic Mastodon

    Reading Time: 3 minutes On at least three occasions toots that were written as a cry for empathy, or at least venting, were interacted with by apathetic people. For this simple reason I deleted two Fediverse accounts. I deleted my Mastodon.social account, and my FireFish.social accounts. I have a precise desire, when using social media.…

  • ClassicPress and the Fediverse part deux

    ClassicPress and the Fediverse part deux

    Reading Time: 2 minutes After my first post about playing with ClassicPress and the Fediverse it was suggested that I try the nightly build of ClassicPress so I did. The result can be seen here. Mastodon and Firefish I have tested integration with the fediverse via Mastodon.social but also firefish.social and mastodon.social is faster, but…

  • X-Istential – Podcasts and Where We Find People

    X-Istential – Podcasts and Where We Find People

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Yesterday Twitter decided to re-brand as X. X.com redirects to Twitter.com. Within the next few days, weeks, months twitter will change its name and brand, and the URLs will be wrong. All twitter links, all embedded tweets, everything will become dead links. When we look for something on Twitter, we will…

  • The Mastodon Post Test

    The Mastodon Post Test

    Reading Time: < 1 minute This is a test to see whether I can write a blog post that appears on mastodon.social.

  • On Mastodon Niches

    On Mastodon Niches

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Mastodon is a federated social network where people can join a server, based on their interests in tech and more. Most people join the servers that are open and easy to join but in doing so we have communities that grow, without becoming communal. I am on at least three different…

  • MicroBlogging and I

    MicroBlogging and I

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Since 2006 I have thought of Twitter, Jaiku, Mastodon and Plurk as conversation channels, rather than microblogging. I go to these places and use them as chatroooms rather than microblogs. If I want to blog I have my full scale blog. This website, to keep me entertained. I bring this up…

  • The Day of Snow Poles and Mastodon

    The Day of Snow Poles and Mastodon

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Today during the walk I saw an orange van moving by the side of the road slowly. It was stopping regularly. I crossed the road and looked towards it. I saw an open door and a person placing traffic snow poles into the bollards at the side of the road. Winter…

  • The Temptation to Give Up On Social Media

    Reading Time: 2 minutes I find myself tempted to give up on social media and focus on blogging instead. I am tired of social media after decades of use. I am tired that users, that provide all of the value are ignored, and that greedy boards of directors can sell users as if they were…