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  • Holidays Break Streaks

    Holidays Break Streaks

    Today is a rainy day so I have less of interest to write about. The rain fell this morning. It continued until this afternoon. Rain is an excuse not to go for a daily walk. It is an opportunity for a rest day. Yesterday my 770 plus day streak on Duolingo was broken because I […]

  • Approaching Day 180 In a Row of Learning German

    I am approaching Day 180 in a row of learning German and I finally progressed to the emerald league on Monday. In my previous post, I wrote of the futility of striving to achieve the Apple Activity challenges. I see the Duolingo challenges in a different light. When learning a language it’s easy to hit […]

  • It’s my Duoversary

    It’s my Duoversary

    A year ago today I signed up to Duolingo and started studying German on a daily basis, and occasionally played with other languages. I complimented this with listening to podcasts in German almost daily and making other attempts to learn languages. I went from trying to get fifty experience points a day per day for […]

  • Using Duolingo daily

    Duolingo is a mobile phone app that allows you to learn a number of languages whenever you have a few minutes. In so doing you can learn several minutes at a time, when commuting for example, or you can learn as a focused 20 minute session. The Variety of learning options Listening There are two […]