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  • Of Casio, Suunto, Garmin and Apple

    Of Casio, Suunto, Garmin and Apple

    These four brands create watches. Casio creates rugged watches with batteries that last for a decade or more, and pair with mobile phones to track walks and more. Suunto and Garmin have fitness/sports trackers that measure activities, whether sailing, climbing, running, walking, cycling, scuba diving or more. Apple in contrast creates fragile, mediocre watches that […]

  • The GBD-800 Continued

    The GBD-800 Continued

    The GBD-800 Continued is a step counting Casio with two serious flaws. The first of these flaws is that although the GPS from the phone can be used to map walks and other activities it has to be activated at the start of a walk and deactivated at the end of the walk. If you […]

  • Casio GBD-800-1B – First Impressions

    Casio GBD-800-1B – First Impressions

    For 92 CHF you can buy the Casio GBD-800-1B from conrad via Galaxus and it will track you steps 24hrs a day and map your walks without you pressing a single button. This means that you can track your life, without thinking about it. The problem with watches from the last five or so years […]

  • Casio and Other Watches

    Casio and Other Watches

    If we wear a Suunto, Garmin, Apple watch or Fitbit the device wants us to wear it for sleep, for every step we take, every heart beat and more. At the end of the year we do get fitness summaries but related to what we ran, swam, cycled and possibly walked. That means that for […]

  • Running Around in Loops

    Running Around in Loops

    Over the last week or two I decided to run and to swim. These are two sports that are easy to do if you have access either to a pool, or the right shoes. Swimming was in 14°c water for 17 and ten minutes. The first time my hands and feet were cold so I […]

  • Playing With the GW-B5600

    Playing With the GW-B5600

    Some watches can do a lot and others can do a little The Origin watch, model number GW-B5600 can charge itself with daylight and mark GPS coordinates within seconds, and that’s about it. I tested it while driving from Switzerland to Spain. There are a few motorway stops that I was curious about so as […]

  • Of Casio and Smart Watches

    Over the last five and a half years I have tracked every walk that I have been on, and I have tracked about five and a half million steps per year. That’s a lot of steps and a lot of going around in clrcles. Going around in clrcles makes tracking walks with smart watches/gps watches […]

  • Super slow mo

    With a friend we’ve been playing with a slow motion camera and here are two of the results.