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  • Stormy Skies Near Nyon

    Stormy Skies Near Nyon

    The weather was finally dynamic today. The storm warnings were flashing towards Hermance, on the French side of the lake. This gave a nice contrast between the yellow of the Colza fields and the dark threatening clouds behind. At moments I thought that rain would begin to fall but luckily the doppler radar, and my […]

  • The Pandemic Duality

    The Pandemic Duality

    There are currently two societies. On one side we have those who believe what they are told and take everything at face value. On the other side we have those that look at the bigger picture, that follow international news, and look at the big picture. The society that believes what they are told without […]

  • Wordle Attempts

    Wordle Attempts

    I like this collection of words. I think the experiments are more interesting than the result.

  • Just a Quick Embed test

    The pandemic situation in Switzerland. The pandemic is not over, but all safety measures are.

  • On Whether I Prefer Vanilla JavaScript or Frameworks?

    On Whether I Prefer Vanilla JavaScript or Frameworks?

    Today someone on twitter asked this question, and rather than be reply: 320 of 10,000, I chose to write a blog post about it. The TLDR answer is Vanilla JS because if you learn how it works without the help of a framework you understand the language. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have an […]

  • Learning About Service Workers

    Learning About Service Workers

    I am currently learning about Working With Service Workers. Service workers allow you to make a website faster, for those who visit a website more often, or offline, in situations where connectivity may be unreliable. Some of the code used can be found on my github page. MDN Web Docs also have useful information about […]

  • Smart Watches – Dumb Habits

    Smart Watches – Dumb Habits

    When I wore Casio digital watches, Suunto Dive computers, Suunto GPS watches and other wrist wathces I was happy. You wore it and it tracked what you wanted it to track, from walks, to dives, to altitude changes, weather and more. With the Apple watch a new age emerged. The age of the Digital Watch […]

  • A Home Made Valor Hot Chocolate

    A Home Made Valor Hot Chocolate

    There is a high probability that I will regret putting paprika into the hot chocolate that I prepared for myself. It says to use four squares per 200ml but I used just six for 500ml. I let it warm up and melt the chocolate for the most part before adding some paprika, to make a […]

  • Become A JavaScript Developer Completed and GeoJSON

    Become A JavaScript Developer Completed and GeoJSON

    We’re in a pandemic, and it makes sense to invest time in learning. I completed the Become a JavaScript Developer course last night and today I played around with some code to see if it worked for what I wanted. It didn’t. I also listened to a live stream which discussed geojson, smapshot and other […]

  • Nordic walking for a change

    Nordic walking for a change

    Sometimes we need change in life.