Tourism And Its drawbacks

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When tourism is well managed then it can have huge advantages on the local population. At times and in some countries though tourism is carried out in an unsustainable way. This means that other a period of time the resources and the reason for which people come to the region may be altered. It is for this reason that a lot of planning must take place in the planning phase.


Access is an important consideration whilst planning a tourist resort or activity depending on what the location is. If for example it is in a national park then time must be taken in planning which route may have the least environmental impact on the flaura and fauna of the region. For example if we are at Arches National Park in America then foot paths must be well marked so that people do not walk on the fragile vegetation which takes time to regenerate. In other cases care must be taken in making sure that the noise of traffic or planes does not become a nuisance for the holiday makers as well as for the fauna of the region.

Effect on the local population

When timportantarrives to economically less developed countries western tourists appear to be very wealthy and the local population will attempt to get some of that wealth and the social structure of those areas may change. The tourist industry may help in regions like Thailand where there are nice rain forests which should be preserved. Whereas the need for cutting down forests for timber may have been practiced in the past with the possibility ofpossibilityo-tourism nature is what people are coming for therefore it must be preserved. In being tourist a small industry may emerge which may take advantage of what it has without destroying it all.

It is important to make sure that the local population does not depend too much on tourism. In Bali for example when terrorists attacks take place then a dip in tourism is sure to follow for a few months and during this time many people will have lost their means of income. It is important that the population spreads out it’s skills so as to be able to take advantage of tourism yet be self-sustained in case of a temporary lapse in the revenue generated.

Pollution and waste

One of the biggest problems with tourism, especially when thousands of people live close together is the waste which they produce. The waste which is produced in various forms from the leftover after a meal, the rubbish of products they have bought as well as other forms of rubbish may become hard to manage. Methods must be found of dealing with it in an eco-friendly way so as not to make the area into a dump where all life dies. Eco-friendly methods of waste disposal such as recycling must be taken seriously as it saves resources and helps keep running costs down.