Month: March 2008

  • Twitter’s broken again

    Yes, it’s happened yet again, twitter is broken again but in an entirely new way. At first it appeared that twitter had crashed in the old way, that is to say no server response. This time is different though. We’ve got the WML website version showing. The mobile version is now on the web version. […]

  • A lakeside stream

    With 3g and fast mobile broadband access on the horizon more and more people will be streaming their content live for those across the world to see. Of interest around Geneva in the next few days is the European cup. We may find a few more people than usual in the streets and this may […]

  • Sports tracker and Google Earth

    Six thousand steps later and I’ve created yet another track via the Sports tracker application for the N95. What’s fun is that within a few seconds of arriving home I can bluetooth the KML file to my laptop, open it in google earth and I’ve got an arerial view of the wintery walk I took […]

  • The Paris Seesmic meetup

    Next Saturday I’ll be catching the TGV to Paris to meet with a few friends from the Seesmic community. I had planned to do this for over two months but never got the opportunity due to various events. It’s fun to go to meet people who you know via online social networks because of the […]

  • Just installed WordPress 2.5

    Today WordPress 2.5 came out and I’ve decided to try it out. The backend is quite different from the old one so you feel the difference. We’ll see what problems I’ll get during this time. Streamed earlier today in the Mountains

  • Mapping wifi availability easily

    Wifi is something that should be ubiquitous so that our digital lifestyle may not be limited to being online at home or at work. It should include, bars, restaurants and city squares. In some cities wifi is easy to find but in others that’s not the case. The lazy way to do wifi mapping could […]

  • A nice streaming surprise

    The month is almost over and I’ve got fourty megabytes of streaming left to play with so I’m going to take advantage of that with my mobile phone. Since cities around Switzerland are covered by 3g you may find that I’m using Qik, Bambuser and Flixwagon to stream what I’m doing. Today I actually got […]

  • I’m going to play with Flixwagon

    Because three or four, I’ve lost track of how many, live streaming applications for the phone aren’t enough i’ve started to play with flixwagon as well. So far it’s taking some getting used to but I hope that by tomorrow I’ll have learned more. It’s still an alpha and only works with select phones. I […]

  • Quotably following Conversations on twitter

    Quotably is a new service that allows you to easily follow people’s conversations by typing in their username. It displays the most recent conversations and shows the original post as well as the discussions that have occured as a result. It appears to work by taking the most recent @ reply from one person to […]

  • Adobe and Digital Rights Managment.

    Digital rights managment is a sore point for a lot of users. Anyone with more than one laptop dislikes how their playlists can’t be synchronised across more than one machine without a little ingenuity. Adobe offers DRM content control for DRM Media control of content is provided by the Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server, […]