Day Twenty-Nine of ORCA in Switzerland – A Desire To Go On A Hike

By | 13/04/2020

We’re in day 29 of ORCA in Switzerland and I have an ever increasing desire to go for a hike. During today’s walk I listened to two podcasts about hiking and I walked yet another variant of my usual walk. Apple tree blooms are increasing in number and the Colza looks almost ready to harvest.

We’re also going into a dry summer. During this pandemic we have hardly had any rain for a month. The whole of Switzerland is either yellow, orange or red with the risk of fire. I’ve been walking outdoors with a t-shirt.

We could be under the illusion that Switzerland has beaten the virus but that’s an illusion, because the risk of a new center of contagion is possible. We have to continue self-isolating. Today two children cycled too close to me so I crossed to the opposite side of the road because they stopped and would pass me again.

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By the end of the walk today I started to feel tired. That didn’t stop me from playing on a board fixed above a set of springs and working different muscles than I do when walking. I saw groups of people out, mostly in groups of two or three but I did spot a group of six as I started the group. It was young children and in theory we’re in a less critical part of the curve.

If the shops are not busy I should get some more food tomorrow but I fear that the shops will be as busy as they were on Thursday and Saturday. If that is the case then I will wait until Wednesday.

If Thursday and Saturday are an indication of whether society has changed or not I would say that it hasn’t, in the least. People still have to do things together, at the same time.

I apologise for this post being uninspired. Self-Isolation has become routine

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