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A Home Made Valor Hot Chocolate

There is a high probability that I will regret putting paprika into the hot chocolate that I prepared for myself. It says to use four squares per 200ml but I used just six for 500ml. I let it warm up and melt the chocolate for the most part before adding some paprika, to make a spicier hot chocolate.

I think I will find it far too spicy. We will see when I taste it. For now it has to cool down before I can drink it.

I like hot chocolate but hot chocolate is a pain to prepare, mainly because it involves heating milk and I’m afraid of letting it boil, and I don’t like the smell of warm milk. It also requires more cleanup than tea, but a different type of clean than coffee. We are in a pandemic, and we need to try new things, while waiting for Covid zero, that impossible dream.

Impossible because of the leadership and anti-facters, rather than because the goal is unreachable.

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