Month: May 2008

  • Macbook pro monitor still dead.

    Over a week later my laptop is still dead. It’s the same flaw as two weeks ago. I took it to technicians who did absolutely nothing for my laptop. They didn’t even run a diagnostic test to see that anything was wrong. Now I’m still without a laptop and I don’t have time to deal […]

  • Getting the laptop back (possibly)

    Tomorrow I should have a clearer idea on why the laptop decided to die on me but a phonecall yesterday points towards dust. I’m not sure what the dust may have destroyed but that’s what may have caused the fault.  Without the laptop it’s been an interesting week. It’s seen me playing witgh two versions […]

  • A little walk

    Yesterday’s walk, as seen by Sportstracker. Pictures to come soon.

  • Friendfeed and Jaiku

    There’s so much hype about friendfeed because of it’s features but that’s something jaiku has been doing for months and months now. It’s a shame that silicon valley doesn’t look beyond their borders. Shame the hype is almost always around that part of the world. The more I use jaiku the more I enjoy it. […]

  • Dead Macbook pro

    Two nights ago my macboook pro didn’t wake from sleep which is why I’m now using a linuxbox. Have to wait for the maintenance to tell me just how messed up it is. At least trusty old linux can be relied upon as a temporary solution.

  • Fun street animation

    MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

  • On moving from the Social media capital of Europe to Geneva

    As a student it was not unusual for me to spend no more than six hours a day at home. The rest of the time I was out socialising, whether helping post grads with their work or with those from my studies. As a result of this I started to pay attention to many of […]

  • Snackr and RSS

    With my love for the short form Snackr is a welcome addition to my world as an easy way to keep an eye on rss feeds. It’s a ticker box that scrolls all the latest articles. You can choose whether you whether you want every post over the past day to a week. So far […]

  • May-21st for a twit-out, boycott of twitter

    I’m not the only person that’s annoyed with the vast amount of downtime suffered by twitter and there is a call for an international boycott of twitter on may 21st. During that day we’ll be using other more reliable services to show that twitter is nothing without the community that makes it what it is. […]

  • A typical Jaiku thread

    For any of those that have never used Jaiku before here is a typical conversation from the users. They’re all interested in mobile phones and what they can do. It’s a nice change from twitter’s web 2.0 and social media slant.