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  • Yesterday evening at the Apple Store

    Yesterday after work I was meant to meet a friend in Geneva but after a phone call changed my mind. I decided instead to walk to the apple store. What I saw in the apple store was quite interesting. As you walk in, where you used to have iphones and macbooks on display you now […]

  • An Ipad awaits

    After the 28th of May I will have an Ipad. I have decided to get an Ipad for a number of reasons. The first of these reasons is activity within the social part of the world wide web. I use it as a conversational and informational tool. I share my location when I’m out, I […]

  • About the Ipad, which I will refer to as the Itablet in this post.

    Designers must understand that user interface as well as ease of use are the two most important features of any electronics device. The more intuitive the device the more likely people are to keep using it. As a first generation Ipod touch user and an iphone 3gs owner I see the value of simple, intuitive […]