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  • A Walk By The Léman

    A Walk By The Léman

    Today I walked down from a village towards the Léman and passed by the UEFA headquarters and football fields before walking by the car Park to the Colovrey Swimming pool. There were very few people, except a few cyclists. The road was good. I went down to the water and took two or three pictures […]

  • Duck Tales

    Duck Tales

    Ducks going out for afternoon tea on the Lac Léman. A mother duck and her ducklings.

  • The Léman Rose by Seven Centimetres Overnight

    The Léman Rose by Seven Centimetres Overnight

    With the weather system that we have had over Europe a lot of rain has fallen. So much rain has fallen that it has swollen rivers and flooded plenty of regions. In Switzerland, because almost everything is on a hill flooding might be noticed in some parts of certain cities, but in theory it is […]

  • A View of The Lake Léman and the Mont Blanc

    A View of The Lake Léman and the Mont Blanc

  • A Sea-like Lake

    A Sea-like Lake

    In the middle of summer you may go sailing on the lake and find that there is no, or very little wind. On such days you may spend long periods of time hoping for the wind to pick up and get from point A to point B. On other days the lake looks like in […]

  • Rolle’s Ingress mission

    The Rolle Ingress mission starts at the castle and has you walk towards the centre. You then walk along the main street and through an arch back towards the lake side. From here you walk along the lake for a short distance before heading back in to town and the last portal. As this mission […]