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    My main sources of information

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Publisher, year

Antony Kamm The Romans

coverThis is a useful book to own since it has extensive information on the Roman civilisation. It contains a few chapters on topics such as education, religion, the history of Rome, a section on art and sculpture, dress of the Romans etc.

Routledge, London 1995
Neil Grant Journey through History   Hamlyn, London 1991
David J. Brown How they were built This is a book about how some monuments at the time were built such as the Coliseum and the Pantheon. There is also some information about other monuments and buildings from other time periods. Kingfisher, London 1991
Gore Vidal Julian cover  
F.R. Cowell Everyday life in Ancient Rome

This book about the Roman civilisation deals with aspects of everyday life such as education, entertainment, slavery and more information which you might be looking for. It's about Everyday life at the time of the Romans.

B.T.Batsford LTD. 1968

Stewart Perowne

Roman Mythology   Hamlyn publishing limited, 1969
Micheal Grant The Fall of the Roman Empire   George Weidenfeld and Nicholson ltd of England
Micheal Grant Myths of the Greek and Romans cover Penguin Books, USA
Margaret Oliphant The Atlas of the Ancient World- charting the great civilisations of the past This book contains information about many different civilisations, giving an overview of how the Ancient civilisations are alike and how are are different. there is a chapter about the Roman civilisation. It contains information about the Etrusques, early Rome, some info about the expansion of the empire with charts etc. to show the government's structure. There is some information about the empire and other subjects relating to the Roman civilisation. Ebury Press, London 1992

Chris Scarre

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome. (Paperback)

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome - Ancient Rome (hardback)


The Roman Empire was the greatest power of its. This book helps to follow its rise and fall, through maps and explanations.

Penguin Books, 1995
Gore Vidal Julian Julian is a novel therefore its historical value is limited more to the facts that it gives than the actual people. If you want to get some ideas of how Mithraism was worshipped there is some information about it. In brief this is a book about the attempts of an emperor to stamp out Christianity and speaking about other religions. First Ballantine books edition, January 1986
Arnold Toynbee Mankind and Mother Earth

A must for anybody seriously interested in history.
Toynbee looks at civilisations as a whole, rather than people and facts. This allows him to look at the conditions which favoured the creation, flourishing and inevitable decay of civilisations.
It may be chilling, as it puts our own civilisation into perspective and shows that we are exposed to the same life cycle as all the others before us. And the rule seems to be: the hungry barbarians always win.

Reviewed by Piotr


Various authors

Nyon The small town of Nyon, in Switzerland, was built on the ancient Roman village of Neodunum. This special issue of Dossiers d'Archéologie describes in detail the buildings and artifacts already discovered and still, supposedly, buried under the buildings of the city. The context of other Roman sites in the region is also taken into account (Vidy, etc). Dossier d'Archéologie No 232 - Avril 1998
Henri Sterlin Empire Romain
Des Etrusques au Déclin de l' Empire
Wonderful book - but exists in French only, to the best of my knowledge.

Taschen, Köln, 1996


    Some computer games which are related to this subject which I have played:

    The information about the Roman civilisation did not only come from books but also from computer games such as Centurion, Caesar II, Civilisation, Civilisation II and from places I have visited around the Roman Empire.


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