About This Website


Birth of a website:

In 1996 after having spent two weeks in the Ardeche I came home and felt bored. I decided that to fill up my time I would begin to write about the Roman civilization until my document was several thousands of words long. It is around this time that the World Wide Web was becoming more important. I remember the news reader one night saying that the World Wide contained six million pages at the time. I uploaded the site towards my father's domain at Iprolink which was our ISP at the time.

Growing up:

As time went on and I had my one hundredth hit to the site I felt a little scared that so many people had seen it. After a while though this turned into interest and I began to look at various free hosting sites such as geocities before it was taken over by Yahoo. At this time geocities was a community of people creating websites about their interests. As time evolved I found out about webrings (before yahoo took them over as well) and other services. I spent many hours on seeing what others were doing and found that there were a few awards sites of which I have at least two.

Getting noticed:

Over a period of around a year to a year and a half I spent almost every day doing research into search engines and how to get the site noticed. Over time as meta tags etc. were added my website began to generate more and more traffic until finally there were at least one to two thousand hits a day. People came from all over the world and it was interesting to notice certain of the countries.


At the moment the website contains over a hundred and fifty pages divided into five main headings. It includes real media, quicktime and windows media player video files for a variety of connection speeds from 56k up to broadband access. In all this website contains around 221 images. Without counting the videos there are around 7 megabytes of content for your viewing pleasure.


I am in the process of re-working the website so that it will generate more hits and be a useful resource to students and people fascinated by the Roman civilization, interested in the Romans, new technology etc. and I'm also working on adding a part to the site which would allow me to generate enough money to live off whilst looking for work within the media.