What's new in 2004

06/01/2004 Added a few video clips on The Romans and Jerash
31/12/2003 Tim Berners Lee who is seen as the father of the World Wide Web has been knighted
03/12/2003 EarthStation 5: For those of you interested in file sharing without all the spyware etc.
30/11/2003 WIFI: A page for those interested in having a wireless Lan Network at home or in businesses.
18/11/2003 Created Nokia 7250i page
15/11/2003 Updated both the French and English cv
30/10/2003 10 years of the World Wide Web: short news item
27/10/2003 Le Cambrioleur: Short clip created as an excercise in editing and continuity
26/10/2003 Some thoughts on the cinema inspired by a thread on The Flipside
21/10/2003 Peer to peer mobile telephony
21/10/2003 Updated the Nainwak page
19/10/2003 A summary of Telecom 2003 What's important to know about Telecom 2003
15/10/2003High speed data transfer
14/10/2003 French CV back online, recently updated
07/10/2003 Telecom World 2003: I'll be working at the event so I hope to add some content each day from what I've learned at the conferences.
05/10/2003 Eurodatagrid project: A project by CERN to make vast amounts of computer processing power available to research centres
03/10/2003 External capture devices: For those of you interested in capturing video to computer
02/10/2003 Electronics and video section: for those of you looking either for software or hardware.
01/10/2003 Some thoughts on Jean M Auel's book series about "Earth's Children"
14/09/2003 Added a webcam to the about me section.
20/05/2003 Nochicktrix.com, an interesting discussion forum
20/04/2003 Nainwak About the french speaking Nainwak game
20/04/2003 The Flipside An online community where people join for the community as well as the company.
What's new in 2002?
20/12/2002 Discussion forum now available to ask questions and discuss various topics
20/12/2002 Added Noam Chomsky and media regulations page
28/11/2002 Re-worked front page to Roman civ section
28/11/2002 Started work on L'art D'aimer by Ovide
28/11/2002 Re-worked Roman geography page
26/11/2002 Added french cv
22/11/2002 Does Art have something to fear or gain from the industrialisation of the processes?
21/11/2002 Computing and it's way of playing on our emotions article for Surfing the World Wide Waves
07/11/2002Filming for the edit page created
06/11/2002 created Video production and Filming theatre productions as well
05/11/2002Created L'Auberge Espagnole speaking of a good film I saw recently
05/11/2002Created AncientWorlds, an online community about Ancient civilizations
04/11/2002Updated a few pages and checked that the site is working properly
31/06/2002created two new pages, one on Albert Camus, the other for books by Terry Pratchett
31/06/2002Updated my CV
31/06/2002Added several books and one film.
31/06/2002 Created Structure of the Roman legion to inform people of several positions within
26/10/2002Created Films that harder to categorise
25/10/2002Re worked the links on Caesar's page
20/10/2002added Books for recreation to offer a lighter alternative
20/10/2002Added Milan KunderaA page introducing the author and showing several of his books
20/10/2002Added Online book shop to give more choice.
19/10/2002Added Le Voleurabout the filming of a short clip in which I was one of the main actors and was the editor for
19/10/2002Updated Videotaking page with a few more edits
19/10/2002Updated Alice page about filming a school show several years ago
19/10/2002 Updated Population Dynamics page about the Population dynamics of various animals
19/10/2002 updated Tourism and it's drawbacks page, speaking about Tourism and elements which must be taken into consideration before construction etc.
18/10/2002 Added Teen movie page to help people find the DVDs they'd like
17/10/2002 Added Video Compression and the World Wide Web A new article for the Surfing the World Wide Waves section.
17/10/2002 Added Montage Theory and editing Some theory about editing.
17/10/2002 Added Genre About Genre theory for the study of films
23/09/2002 Added comedy page to sell DVDs
22/09/2002 Added two pages, war films and Hong Kong films
21/09/2002 Checked all web site links to make sure that the web site is behaving as it should... and it is!
20/09/2002 Added section for video compression and several other pages
17/09/2002 Worked on video compression for Lake Parade
16/09/2002 added link for online calendar, working on making it accessible to all.
13/09/2002 Quite a few new pages etc.
What changed in 2001?
26/11/2000 Added a page on diving within Portland Harbor. Scuba diving in England

added a list on books about video and film production and a short description for each book as well as whom it's author is.

9/10/2000 Added a page about me and Weymouth. ME
15/03/2000 Added a new page about the decline of the Roman civilization, contributed by a visitor to the site.
A Century ago...
20/11/1999 Added several pages about video, the International Evening, Shakespeare evening and the Jazz, Folk and poetry evening 

also added a chat since I think there are chances that there are enough people to make it useful.

16/11/1999 Added link to the Environmental systems side of my site: Environmental systems

Added some more text to the page asking for people to contribute to the site in order to expand the information available.

added one more page to section about video taking about the conference on "schools as agents of change".

25/09/1999 Added links to Interactive page which is a page by someone who is also interested in the Roman civilization.

Created page showing which other pages link to my site, fixed banners and re-worked navigation so that pages around the website can be accessed within three links.

also added an invitation to anyone who knows about everyday life at the time of the Romans to contribute something, age does not matter. (credit will go to the person who writes the piece.)


added the following pages:

International treaties governing trade in Endengared Species.

Tropical rainforests and heir vulnerability.

Conservation organisations


The solar eclipse, as seen from Salzburg trial at describing the eclipse which took place on the 11th of August.

added geography section

01/08/1999 added french document "Que pensez vous que le cinema ait apporté ou apporte a l'art?"
15/06/1999 During the next few months I will be working on getting the web page to have a lot more information which would be useful to students in the same situation as me and to people interested in the subjects I am studying so that all my notes are in one place.
22/05/191999 Updated the links page, adding one link to the school newspaper I have been working on for the past year, also in the news I've checked the stats for one of my pages which is on Slavery at the times of the Romans and it has been visited at least 2000 times within the last 20 weeks, that would be an average of a hundred+ hits a day.
21/05/1999 Updated the page on Pompeii after watching a documentary on Discovery
27/04/1999 started working on a page discussing geographical aspects of the Roman empire as well as in Europe.

For the past few weeks I have not been working on my web page since I have firstly been to Martinique where I learned to dive and recieved a CMAS first star so that I can dive anywhere in the world to a depth of 20 meters with an instructor.

Continuing on the topic of how I am taking care of my website I have decided to move away from the Roman civilization since it requires to much work for an IB student so I have decided to move onto the video aspect which has been earning me some money.

Also added a page on the Fashion Show edit for people to read.

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Last updated: September 11, 2002