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Started in 1996 following one of my numerous trips to Rome I felt that with the increasing amount of things I was learning at school I was beginning to be saturated and that without writing it down it may be lost.

Roman Ruins in Rome

I began this part of the website when I was around 15-16 years old. It's five years later and the website is still working well.

My work load is not as great as it used to be and I hope to improve pages such as that on Julius Caesar and add more elements.

If you would like to contribute to this site then yopu may contact me with the content and full credit will be given to you as the author.

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Roman Gate in a Pompeii Street

The Romans

Roman Temple In Aggrigento, Sicily.

Roman History: A broader look at Roman history

The Triumvirate: About the Triumvirate.

A page about Gaius Julius Caesar

Pont Du Gard In Southern France

About the Roman Army

Roman Army: A short description.

Legion Structure: A table.

Roman Builders: About roads, aqueducts and tools.

Roman Homes: Some information about Roman homes

Roman Art and Architecture: I also wrote about Ovide: "L'art D'aimer". I still haven't finished reading the book.

Roman Cities in Italy and around the Mediterranean

Start by reading about the Geography of the Roman empire and then progress to reading about The Roman cities Pages about Rome and Pompeii:. For Pompeii I also have information about Daily life,

Bodies of Evidence and The Stabian Baths. One of the most impressive Roman cities I visited in Italy is Herculaneum. This city is very well preserved.

Some photos from a trip to Agrigento

A page about Conquered Territories such as Nyon, a Roman city in Switzerland in Europe, and Damascus and Jerash, city in Jordan


With such a broad empire Roman Transportation was key.

Every Day Life In The Roman Empire

Roman Mosaic in Central Spain

Every Day Life at the times of the Romans.

Roman Work week and Leisure Time

Holidays and special days


Religions of the Greeks and Romans

The Godess Diana


Prometheus, Creator of Man

Greek Mythology

War of the gods and titans

Love in mythology

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The Decline of Rome, Contributions

About the fall of the Roman empire

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