Yet another reason to love Google Latitude

Yet another reason to love Google Latitude

Yesterday I met a friend in geneva. The one that uses Google Latitude. I used my mobile phone to see where he was and just using cell towers I got a pretty good fix on where he was, within just a few hundred meters.

When I called him to get a more accurate fix, i.e. for him to input the address as his latitude position using the power of Google maps, latitude and 3g it took just a minute to find the actual address.

For this reason I love google latitude. When you’ve got technologically savvy users it makes being geo-loced twenty four hours a day extremely useful.

2 thoughts on “Yet another reason to love Google Latitude

  1. I am waiting for the upgrade that lets me mark myself as a point of interest, then let the POI become a contact in my address book that can be texted to someone's GPS unit and appear as a valid navigation destination.

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