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Visiting the Creux de Van and spending time with Bouquetins.

Images I saw of the Creux de Van made me want to visit the location in person. Yesterday despite the mediocre weather I went there. From Neuchatel you drive towards Noiraigue. Free parking is available.

For the first hour you are walking up a steep winding path. A few trees have fallen, stones and mud are also present until you reach the top of the cliff. From there you see a glimpse of the cliff and views to come. As I stood there I saw a solitary Bouquetin on the rocks.

From there I went right and walked along the cliff. On one side I had green grass and a farm and on the other side I had a steep cliff. I walked along and came to an outcrop. From here you could see the full cliff face. I walked around the arc until I came across a herd of Bouquetins. They were right in my path. I took several pictures before heading back down the other side. I came across a wooden hut and table where people can have a snack. As you walk through the woods you get towards the end of the Gorge De L’Areuse. It was full of water due to the recent rains. By this point I had already walked 10km so I continued back towards the car.

This is the path you take to get up to the top of the Creux de Van
One of the first views as you emerge from the woods and see the landscape open up
A nice Valley
More landscape
Looking away from the cliffs you see the woods.
If you look down from this point you will see a long drop
I liked the quality of light here.
With Spring coming back all the trees are becoming green once again

A herd of Bouquetins were playing
When I arrived they were standing by the grass and slowly made their way towards the cliff
Just like when we were children they are playing on the wall
Just like when we were children they are playing on the wall

A bouquetin with the Creux de Van in the background
A bouquetin with the Graux de Van in the background

Nice Landscape and nice view
The Creux De Van

This is a physical 14km walk .
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