Virtual reality and Dining

By richard | 23/01/2016

The history of entertainment is a long one. We have gone from banquet entertainment during Roman and Medieval times. We have had radio and television to entertain us. We have also had books, magazines and kindles. The idea of Virtual Reality and dinner is not that strange.

What is fascinating about Virtual reality is that in our lifetime it has gone from requiring massive computers and cumbersome devices. Today virtual reality can be experienced with a mobile phone. The technology has shrunk and become affordable to such an extent that restaurants want to take theme restaurants from décor, painted walls and location to virtual reality.

the impact of virtual reality is a natural fit for restaurants that want to create a complete experience around a meal, not just serve a plate of food.

In this article they discuss virtual reality as a way of enhancing your dining experience. To use a local example imagine that you are eating a fondue at the Valais or the Chateau D’If in Geneva. The restaurants are located at the side of busy roads. With the virtual reality set you could watch immersive videos of a peak of your choice. It could be live or pre-recorded. You would feel like you’re sitting at the Rocher De Naye or Aiguille Du Midi for example.

If you’re eating bison at home then you could have a live feed from Yosemite, the field with bison near Geneva or the Polish forests. If you’re eating certain types of fish you could watch a natural history document about the oceans and that specific type of fish. It could bring you closer to your meal and serve as an educational purpose.

There is one thing I am curious about, in relation to Virtual Reality meals. How do you see your food? What technological advances will allow you to be immersed in virtual reality and see your food and the person you are with? When that next step is taken Virtual Reality restaurants will be more enjoyable.

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