The youtube application on the N95

The youtube application on the N95

For those of you with good data packages an application that could be a lot of fun is youtube on the n95. I was out and about and decided to check the youtube site and I was given the option to download their beta. I managed to play vides but I had no sound.

What they offer are:

– upload your videos from the phone

– watch your friends’ videos

– view relatd videos

– view received videos

– search for content.

In other words you can do everything you’d want to from the n95 that you’d do from a computer. It does look like an interesting application although unless you’ve got wifi this is a very expensive gimmick. It’s nice to try nonetheless. Let me know if you try it and tell me what you think of it.

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  1. warza – I have been blogging and webmastering for 23 years. I hike, I climb and I cycle frequently. I often go to the Graduate institute for public events.
    richard says:

    Thanks for that. I had been wondering about that for a while.

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