The WeWatt Bike wait

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Today I experienced the WeWatt bike wait again. The first time I experienced it was when flying from Alicante to Geneva and the second time is when I was waiting to meet someone for lunch today. The principle is very simple. If you see that a wewatt bike is free for you to use you simply sit on the seat and start pedalling. The first two or three strokes are difficult but after that the resistance is minimal.

Wait and Charge

The beauty of the Wewatt bike wait is that while you’re waiting for people you usually play with your phone or with another device. In this situation, you’re waiting but as you’re waiting the battery level on your phone is going up rather than down. The longer you wait the higher the charge on your phone and the higher your physical fitness.

Not that strenuous

If you are used to cycling then the WeWatt bike does not offer enough resistance once you have given it inertia. You have to reduce your cadence in order not to be windmilling. For me getting the right cadence is a challenge. I would like to be able to change the resistance. I would like for the whole revolution of the pedals to exert force. During a ten minute session, I burned around 48 calories. I would need to spend 110 minutes on a WeWatt bike to burn 550 calories. On a normal bike, I would burn that in half an hour or less, depending on the terrain and effort.

Charge Produced

During the ten minute session, I charged the phone by about ten percent. It would take a theoretical 100 minutes to charge a phone fully. I do not see many people staying on one of those bikes for that long. I would like to try charging a laptop with this bike and I would like a home desk version. For the home desk version, I would want the option to increase to resistance to generate more power and charge devices sooner.

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