Spring and summer are playing with us

Spring and summer are playing with us

Spring and Summer are playing with us. A few weeks ago it was warm and sunny. It felt as if summer was finally here and that we could start planning outdoor activities that don’t require enormous amounts of fossil fuels, like skiing and snowboarding do. 😉

Looking down towards the Lac Leman. You can see the white lines at the top of waves being pushed along by the wind.

We had the rain and the cold and when the rain and cold grew tired the wind came by and replaced it. This was a moderately strong wind. Some gusts were strong enough to make me deviate on the scooter and strong enough not to be able to wear a hat. The wind was also strong enough to damage trees, blow plastic around the place and even to make you feel like you were walking through a wind tunnel rather than down a road between fields.

The wind did seduce boats into breaking from their moorings, tree branches and trees, from falling from above onto forest paths and even for a blue sky to emerge as water struggled to congregate in a single place. For the last two days we could see the Mont Blanc in most of its glory.

The two problems that we face with the wind are that it makes moving around harder because instead of cycling at 30 km/h with a 30 km/h wind you’re cycling at 20km/h with a 50km/h headwind. I didn’t try because the wind plays mind games. You feel like you’re unfit despite not being. I also found that when walking it dries out your ears and prevents you from listening to podcasts while walking.

Imagine, walking for an hour or two, deep in thought, rather than having your thoughts led by someone else.

A moment of rest from the wind in between the trees

Whilst it is nice to walk between the trees there is a danger of falling branches and other debris. You can hear the wind blowing above and on the trails you can see all the wood that has been loosened. Imagine if you were looking for firewood and were only allowed to pick up what had already fallen to the ground. You’d be happy.

Crops behaving like water. Waves of movement.

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