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Playing With Grasshopper

The Grasshopper Landing page

The Grasshopper Landing page

Grasshopper is a Google app to teach adults and children about Javascript. It provides people with short, easy to understand modules to get a grasshopper to do things.

The curriculum is divided into seven modules. These are:

So far I have only played with part of the fundamentals course. You don’t need to write much code. You can select which function and variable you want to use, rather than typing lines and lines of code.

This is the type of app that you can use almost anywhere, and anytime you have a few minutes free.

One of the challenges, when you want to learn a new programming language, is to set up an environment before you start playing with code. That can be a long process and it’s easy to lose interest before you have even written two lines of code.

With such a simple app you don’t need to set anything up. You can play with code, see what it does, and then try something more complex. You can familiarise yourself with the language before you install a development environment on the machine you use.

An example of Grasshopper on a desktop.

As soon as the app is installed on your phone you start learning.

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