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On Trendio My Portfolio Is Doing Well

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If you love reading the news and seeing what’s going on around the world then Trendio is an interesting site for you.

I looked at the events that are going to take place and whether Trendio already has them listed. If it does then I decided to buy some stock for those words and as their quantity increases so it means I will get some income.

Knowing that the French elections would take place I bought stock in two of the key elements to see by how much they would increase. As you see the increase isn’t that bad.

I also saw some other events in the news so bought those.

Overall it’s about understanding the news cycle, what stories have a long life, which ones are going to be short lived and which ones will generate the most hype. If you buy words before a key event when they’re low and wait for the event then you can make a lot of trendilions within a short amount of time.

It’s an interesting distraction and I’d recommend people take a look at it.

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