Living Or Working By The Lake

By richard | 14/01/2020

When you work or live by the lake you see it change as the wind, temperature and light change. Sometimes it’s beautiful and pleasant as it was before, as you walk and keep warm. Now that I sat down to write this post the clouds have gone in and you can feel the cold.

I like the complexity of the image above. You see the diving boards, you see the winter trees, you see the flag and the people walking. You also see how the strong wind is blowing water over three or four times its own height. If it was blowing the other way it would drench the boats. That’s why they would turn it off.

When the wind is like this you can see two to three windsurfers taking advantage of the wind. I didn’t notice whether anyone was swimming today. The usual running groups and individuals were out.

We’ll see what route I follow tomorrow.

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