Listening to podcasts with the Apple Watch

By richard | 30/09/2018

This morning I was listening to podcasts with the Apple Watch I have. I like that I can listen to podcasts that play straight from the watch because more often than not I have the watch on my wrist almost all the time. This means that I no longer need to keep the phone in the same room as I am in but it also means that I can leave the phone to charge in one room while roaming around. 

I liked the move from wired to wireless earphones because it meant that I could finally stop getting the wired cables caught on door handles or other objects. It meant that I could leave the phone on a surface while walking around. 

I would often step out of range as I moved between floors but also as I moved from one room to another. To resolve this issue I would try to keep the phone on the same floor as I was on. 

Now that the Apple watch plays podcasts, and theoretically audiobooks, I can play them straight from the watch and stop worrying about moving the phone to the place where it covers the greatest area. It means that I can leave the phone to charge. 

It also means that when hiking or doing other sports I can keep my phone in a bag and control podcasts from my wrist. I can choose which podcast to listen to, adjust the volume and skip the tabloid parts. This is especially relevant now that Apple wants to make phones that are as big as paperbacks, phones that no longer fit in pockets, phones that are so fragile that the less you handle them, the more likely they are not to have a smashed front or rear screen. I have yet to smash a screen because I was listening to a podcast or audiobook so that point is moot. 😉

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