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It’s Vacation Time

it’s vacation time are words that were uttered at the end of a long night in crete back in 2000. They were uttered by an older guy who was with a group of us as we watched the sun rise. Those words always stuck in my mind.

On Wednesday I’m flying back to Switzerland although it’s a one way ticket. During that time I could work on re-editing some old footage and uploading it since people are finally welcoming it with open browser windows.

I don’t think I’ll do that though. I need to buy myself another hard drive first to store all the footage I’d need to capture first.

On a related topic there is a documentary in production that is going to air for Arte, a Franco/German documentary channel. They want some footage from the Paddington station silent disco event I went to a few months ago. It’s great to get something that could look good on my CV and showreel.

The footage that Lobster Films would use in their Walkman documentary
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