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I’m not the only one.

MG had noted that, after a week, Twitter seemed to realize that it was a problem that the replies still weren’t working, and was pointing people to Summize for a workaround. I said “I hate having to rely on the web version of Twitter, first of all, then having the reply tab bork, and THEN having to go to summize, and hit reply there and pray that twitter works. It’s why I only check Twitter once or twice a day now.”


So you see I’m not the only one that’s complaining about the lack of service from twitter. More and more people are getting tired. Remember when hotmail was unreliable, soon after it became part of microsoft. That’s the phase twitter seems to be in although it’s funding rather than being bought. The early adopters are “leaving” because they’re tired of the site being down but that doesn’t matter.

Awareness of twitter is going up and if within a week or two they iron out the bugs then there’s a good chance that the middle to late adopters will come and enjoy twitter. We’ve seen that in shows like TWIT the later adopters are there now. More and more people arrive and because they’re not part of the “echo chamber” that we, as the early adopters inhabit to them it’s a new service that they’re learning about.

Whilst I was not twittering I did watch the different conversations about the fail whale and how crap twitter had become and we see the negativity. Look at the timeline though and see what new arrivals are saying. What’s the point of twitter? How do I use it? Those questions mean one thing. It doesn’t matter that twitter is broken when they join for the simple reason that they don’t know what it was like before.

Now it’s up to twitter who have purged the geek community through inefficiency to take advantage of that to get many more real life conversations going rather than all this web 2.0 and marketing chatter. If twitter does make an effort I look forward to when it’s properly fixed.

As an addition taking a few days off from twitter did help me feel more relaxed about the bugs.

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