Holidays Break Streaks

By | 26 October 2021

Today is a rainy day so I have less of interest to write about. The rain fell this morning. It continued until this afternoon. Rain is an excuse not to go for a daily walk. It is an opportunity for a rest day.

Yesterday my 770 plus day streak on Duolingo was broken because I was too distracted to take a lesson. I wanted to break that streak. I didn’t want to break it intentionally. I wanted it to be by accident. I accomplished that goal. Now I am free to reset and work on creating a new routine that is better suited to the new goals. The focus will be web development, whether JSON-LD, JS, WordPress, or more.

I am currently reading Cow Pie Water. The book was written either as a series of blog posts or journal entries and transports you along their PCT hike. Many of the posts are short and to the point. If you have a blog and want to turn it into a book then use this as inspiration. Use a proofreader . It feels as if they simply cut their journal/blog from online, to e-book or book.

The advantage of writing, rather than vlogs or podcasts, is that you can read it in your own time, and with less engagement, You can read five minutes a day, but a podcast or video five minutes a day would be time consuming and ineffectice People lose focus. My reading backlog is growing.

Every so often I see that I am not the only one calling for a shift from social media back to blogging. This is positive. Blogging is chronological, and the community is smaller. Adverts, marketing and algorithms do not try brainwash you to become a tool. We reconnect as individuals. We are no longer a follower, we are individuals, especially if we are active within the groups.

Blue sky is re-emerging now.

I sat that I broke my Duolingo habit. I didn’t. I replaced it, over time, with the habit of writing a blog post every single day for months now. this is an acceptable switch.

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