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Fondue for Lunch

The weather was cold and cloudy this lunchtime so going up to the mountains for lunch was feasible. If the restaurant had been filled with people, and if we had shared a table with others, then I would have skipped and driven home. Luckily the road was closed to go up to the mountains so that stopped some people from going up. There were also the benefits of clouds and cold air temperatures. Combined these things meant that the restaurant was less tempting for large crowds. We ate a fondue.

View of La Dole from the other side

I did not plan to go up. It was spontaneous, and I had my own car, so that if I saw that it was too busy I could turn back or walk to the summit. We’re still in a pandemic, so if I feel a risk is too great I bail.

Today is interesting because it seems quieter than it should be. The restaurant was quieter, but the villages and other places are quieter too. It’s as if people are hibernating or hiding. I saw that all the cars are goine from the garage for example.

In other news a Valaisanne, dressed as Lucy Walker climbed the Matterhorn in period costume. In Uri, due to the glaciers melting people are asked to be attentive to archeological remains. If we leap to the space age then we see that SpaceX might be struggling to find enough liquid oxygen due to the pandemic. With hospitals needing more of it SpaceX might be in second place to get it.

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