Did I mention I’m up to twenty thousand tweets

By | 10 March 2008

Did I mention that I got all the way up to twenty thousand tweets last night? I’m officially a very heavy user of twitter and many people celebrated the event with me in true twitter style. They @ed me. It’s not everyday you get to that number. I also seesmiced a few thoughts about twitter which someone can find and link to in the near future. I’m feeling a little lazy in that regard.

Also today was my first proper full day of work and it went well. I’m tired as a result and tomorrow should be more fun. See you then.

One thought on “Did I mention I’m up to twenty thousand tweets

  1. mousewords – I am a writer and an artist from the California Coast. My family and I suffered chronic carbon monoxide poisoning. Unknown to us, varying, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide were present in our home for a period of a year and a half. We're still rehabilitating, and working to raise awareness for this common danger. As a writer and artist, my career suffered a setback from this, which I'm working to overcome! I'm currently finishing up what will be my first published novel. It's taken me six years so far to write it, and it will be a great victory when it's finished. In the meantime, I've worked through a residual, constant tremor in my hands to continue my art, and am selling my work on eBay as 'mousewords.'

    Yaaay! Congrats! here’s to the next 20,000. 🙂


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